Indulge yourself with a massage in Divonne !

Discover an entire space dedicated to your Wellness

At the gates of Geneva, the Domaine de Divonne provides you with a space which is entirely dedicated to your own wellness: a massage area, a nail salon, a Turkish bath, and more.


Welcome for a wellness break.
A treatment (in the morning or the afternoon) included :
- 1 h30 of care
- 1 gourmet tea at the bar « Les Présidents »
- free access to the wellness center
99 €/pers

CRACKERS BOX* included : (click here)
- 1 facial scrub
- 1 moisturizing mask
- 1 energizing burst with eleutherococcus
- 1 moisturizer

MAKEUP PROMOTION* : (click here)
The institute of the Domain offers you -35% off on make up !
*In the limit of the available stock

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Every day (closed on Tuesday)
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Beauty Workshop


The unique and innovating formulas resulting from Sothys Advanced research, combined with exclusive hand movements
and care protocols, express the essence of each treatment.
Discover the Sothys Institut in a muffled atmosphere and let you be transported to a unique sensorial experience,
placing wellbeing, effectiveness and safety at the heart of our philosophy.

Health and Relaxation Space

Slipping on your bath robe, quietly going down a few floors and disappearing into the steam of the Turkish bath is an absolute must.

After this intense heat comes the feeling of rejuvenation. Slipping into a bath of iced spring water gives a complete feeling of rebirth. In the relaxation room, you are left to indulge in your own thoughts, which surface and rise in unison with the bubbling water of the jacuzzi.

Open every day from 7am to 10pm for customers at the Grand Hôtel du Domaine de Divonne and the Beauty Workshop.

Fitness Center

The Grand Hôtel’s Fitness Center is a space dedicated to toning exercises and sport. This center will allow you to work on your body and clear your mind.